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Taking The Gospel to France

5/13/2018 Derek Valencik   

Freedom: The Struggle Is Real

10/8/2017 Greg Martz   


8/6/2017 Greg Martz   

LXX: My People

9/23/2018 Greg Martz   

Fathers Day

6/20/2018 Kenny Conklin   

LXX: Abrhams Call

6/10/2018 Pastor Jym Hopper   

LXX: Bring The Suffering

8/12/2018 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Tabernacle: God's Presence And Provisions

10/28/2018 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Are You Sure You Want To Know?

2/14/2016 Pastor Jym Hopper   

1 Peter 3: Always Be ready With an Answer

5/14/2017 Pastor Jym Hopper  1 Peter 3:13-17 

Summer In Psalms: "I Will Find My Worth In You"

9/4/2016 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Thanks Living: Im Me Because Of You

11/12/2017 Pastor Jym Hopper   

1 Peter 2: What Are You Reflecting

3/19/2017 Pastor Jym Hopper  1 Peter 2:11-12 

Grumbler, Stumbler, Overcomebler

8/11/2015 Pastor Jym Hopper   

The God Who Is: Watching

7/16/2017 Pastor Jym Hopper    

Summer In Psalms: "Rest For The Body, Mind, And Soul"

8/7/2016 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Would You Offer God Even Isaac

1/1/2017 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Jesus Sequal

11/6/2016 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Your Next 24 Hours

4/3/2016 Pastor Jym Hopper   

Still Waters R&R Ministry

6/28/2015 Pastor Kerry Bingaman   

1 Peter 1: Redeemed

2/12/2017 Pastor Rick DiLena   1 Peter 1:18-21 


12/27/2015 Pastor Rick DiLena   

Growing Up: Part Two

1/14/2018 Pastor Rick DiLena   

Seeking Him: I Desire

1/21/2018 Pastor Rick DiLena   

God Chooses the Least

1/12/2014 Pastor Rick DiLena   

LXX: It Begins

4/22/2018 Pastor Rick DiLena   

The God Who Is: My Salvation

7/9/2017 Pastor Rick DiLena  Isaiah 12 

Divergent Society: Spiritual Blessing

6/29/2014 Pastor Rick DiLena   

Divergent Society: Resurrection Life

7/20/2014 Pastor Rick DiLena   

LXX: The Tower

6/3/2018 Pastor Rick DiLena   

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