Pastor Rick DiLena
  • Senior Pastor
Pastor Jym Hopper
  • NEXT GEN Pastor
Carlynn Brown
  • Secretary
Marisa Scott
  • Treasurer
Stacey Thomas
  • Technical Assistant
Chelsea Parr
  • NC Kids Director


NC Church is an Elder-led church. We promote the "Shepherd-Elder" model, meaning our elders are not merely trustees or board members, but responsibile for shepherding the congregation. They work together to provide caring leadership and diligent oversight. Our elders are approachable and welcome your questions and concerns. They are ready to pray with you and provide counsel should it be needed.

Pastor Rick DiLena
  • Senior Pastor
Jim Scott
  • Elder
Brian Wieners
  • Elder
Chris Parr
  • Elder
Tim Belles
  • Elder


Ray Karafinski, Ken Phillips, Dan Jones, Rob Neiderhiser, Austin Traugh, Ron Zimmer